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A Jane Austen Literary Tea


Chinese legend tells us that a king of ancient times passed a decree that water must be boiled before anyone could drink it.
By chance one day, a few leaves from the tea tree fell into the king's own drinking water as it was being boiled, and so it happened that he was the first to partake of the
beverage which was destined to become the foundation of empires.

Legends usually consist more of imagination than reality — in this case, thetruth is that the Chinese had probably been drinking tea for 5000 years by thetime this monarch lived. What is quite certain is that they had been enjoying theirtea for several thousand years before it was known in the West.
The British custom of taking Afternoon Tea is thought to have originatedwith Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1783-1857.)
Queen Victoria popularized Afternoon Tea. Soon everyonewas sharing tea with as much elegance as one's circumstances could afford.
Americans, as well, adopted the tea ritual, along with its customs and etiquette.

Today, we invite you to enjoy taking tea with friends and acquaintances
in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois.

Tea (of several select varieties) — and all manner of delectables — can beserved with your own silver, china and linens. Or, if you prefer,we can provide our own collection of fine tea things.

We offer presentations on the history, customs and traditions of tea.
An Afternoon Tea may be used to celebrate special occasions, such as the following:
Bridal Shower Tea Holiday Tea
Nursery Tea
Birthday Tea
Christening Tea
Anniversary Tea
Friendship Tea
Literary Tea
Farewell Tea
Valentine Tea

... and personalized for a variety of themes, including:
Hats and Gloves
Folding Fans
The Language of Flowers
Whatever suits your fancy!

Would you like to immerse yourself in the elegant, peaceful past?

Would you like to slow down your fast-paced life if only for a few hours?

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